Saturday, April 18, 2009

Meaning of a Tea Party

Principles in Practice: "John Lewis on the Proper Meaning of a Tea Party
Posted by Craig Biddle at 9:47 AM
Here’s a video of John Lewis’s excellent speech at yesterday’s tea party in Charlotte, North Carolina. (Thanks to Andy Clarkson for recording it)"


Jaz said...

Fantastic piece of photo-journalism from Andy Clarkson of the Charlottecapitalist blogspot in this piece. He shared the information with me that all he used to shoot this was the Flip Ultra camcorder -incredible results from this inexpensive, very handy camcorder (as small as an iphone!!)-check it out on Amazon.
Also an excellent interview from Andy on the occasion with John Lewis is available at:
Also Andy has this above interview and "The Roeth family at the Charlotte Tea Party" all available on youtube.
Check them out -both are really good.

Rajesh said...

Thanks Jasmine. I saw both the videos. The kids were adorable. I really liked the Flip but its not available in India. You will have to get me one when you come to India:)

Jaz said...

Ok, I'm starting to take orders!!! Maybe it will pay for my next trip! Perhaps a couple of bags full of these goodies (my mind is already racing to the profits to be made-the capitalist pig, black marketeer, smuggleer that I am!!).The headache of customs is done for as well, green signals all the way, heh, heh, heh!

Or maybe you can contact the company and become their exclusive dealer -lot of mullah to be made -I heard they shipped over 1 million unit in 2008(?) from a total of 7m shipped from such giants as Sony. The potential in India is huge you know (smirk, smirk).
Just a light-hearted sedgeway!
Have fun!

Rajesh said...

"LOL", madam what a lovely rational education spouting capitalist pig you would have made.

The customs reminds me of a amusing story. This guy who was about to land in India with a lot of stuff carried a lot of crumpled dollars in his pocket. On arrival he passed through the green channel. When he was stopped he just grabed a bunch of dollars with both hands and shoved them at the official. Before the surprised official could manage the dollars he was out of there.
They were all one dollar bills.