Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Why Europe Doesn’t Want Turkey’s Islamic Millions

Why Europe Doesn’t Want Turkey’s Islamic Millions: By Peter C. Glover Wednesday, April 22, 2009

"President Obama has been banging the drum for Turkey’s accession to the European Union. Not that there’s anything new in his policy. Obama sees a ‘European Turkey’ as a win-win situation both for Europe and the United States. He believes, as does the Turkish PM Recep Erdogan, that it is the natural quid pro quo for Turkey’s development as Europe’s east-west energy bridge."

The leader of America where free speech and individual rights are an integral part of the constitution has become the cheerleader for an Islamic country. Does he realise that though he might send the message that the West is not the enemy but the Islamic world thinks otherwise and none of his goodwill gesture are going to change that reality.Will he take responsibility for for his actions when the riots in France are repeated at a much larger scale across Europe due to the influx of Muslims who hanker for sharia laws? Or will he wring his hands and say,"I just wanted to be friends with them".

I live in India where I have seen the results of this policy of appeasement. The riots in Muslim dominated old Delhi are a constant reminder that turning a blind eye to reality will not change it. These are ghettos where even the hardened, gestapo like Delhi police is scared of entering. They need especial permission and riot police squad to enter these area's. Is this what Obama wants for Europe? Let the rookie president take a moment to rethink his disastrous foreign policy before he does some real damage.


Jaz said...

You perhaps give too much intellectual credit to India's administration and elected officials that they may have the ability to think in terms of a policy (which whether right or wrong is not the point here -needs a certain level of abstraction to discover the principle involved and then needs a consistency in thinking and acting in order to apply it) of appeasement or otherwise. These are abject second-handers who want to have unearned prestige in the eyes of the 'junta'. Muslims or for that matter Hindus are masses of "vote-banks" en-bloc. In the absence of so-called "appeasement" how in the world are politicians to win elections. Or as in the case of the other group leaders (religious, ethnic, etc)how will they hold their power and prestige over their followers if every once in a while they cannot get "concessions" for their group? -that nexus between politicians and group leaders is well known.
In the absence of a strictly enumerated constitution --based on individual rights-- that puts a binder on what the government may and may not do, every aspect of a man's life becomes a matter open to the political arena to be voted on. One then has the mockery of elections as in India and the abominable boast of "largest democracy in the world".

An aside -did you ever see the movie 'Dev', featuring Amitabh Bacchan?

Rajesh said...

I agree with you.
As for the movie, I have not seen it.