Tuesday, March 24, 2009

The Unearthly Earth Hour

What happens to a society when it is abandoned by or ignores it's intellectuals? It celebrates the Earth hour. When Sydney did that by switching off its light, I was dumbstruck. When you see the picture of the Earth's city lights- you see civilization, life, progress. In comparison the darkness hides the human misery. It is a living memory of the dark ages. Suddenly for a moment the darkness returned, winning a battle after a century of spreading lights.

The agents of dark ages have now come to America- to the birth place of the inventor of electricity. The stakes are raised now. America, which has been a beacon of Enlightenment to the rest of the world has to decide. Will it surrender to the collectivists or tell them to go back to their dark hell holes. Let this a warning of things to come. I felt like yelling out what L-C said on The New Clarion - For every light you turn off, I’m going to turn on three.

Today if you switch the lights off voluntarily, tomorrow there might not be an option to turn them back on. I will tell you what happens when the lights are switched off. I work on a poultry farm on the outskirts of New Delhi, India and we get an average of less then three hour's of electricity everyday. We spend a fortune on generators, diesel and maintenance. Every month someone from the farm has to go to the government run electricity office to ask for our bill. We get one day to pay the billed amount.

Our jet pumps and water motors keep developing problems due to poor quality of electricity. We have to repair local transformer our self if something goes wrong. The linemen will not come without a bribe although others will drop by to threaten us with disconnection or worse due to some imagined misconduct on our part (pay up or else). Because of electricity or lack of it we can't expand easily, install electronic security without expensive backup and it makes life hell in temp. of 110 deg. Fahrenheit in the summers.

Some of my favourite pictures have been night shots of American cities shinning with lights. It makes me feel like they are celebrating civilization's birthday everyday. So when somebody talks about switching lights off voluntarily and celebrating the Earth hour I feel like telling them- don't be a fool, that's the unearthly hour- which from where I come from, we are always trying to escape.


Jasmine said...

What keeps you going in that hell-hole you describe in the post?

Rajesh said...

Will it surrender to the collectivists or tell them to go back to their dark hell holes.

Hell-hole was used in context of the hole where collectivists crawl out from -wherever that might be.

Not that I would describe living in India a very pleasant experience (you know that). Although a lot of people in recent times have done very well. The place where I work can be hellish during certain periods of summer because of heat and no electricity. There are positives like no government regulations or bureaucracies to deal with besides electricity, taxation and land department.

The prices for eggs are set by the market forces and getting stuff for feed is hassle-free. Besides I enjoy the outdoors and the physical work. The stint of past year or so has helped me bring some stability after a chaotic few years when objective thinking was ignored.

It feels good to turnaround a decaying business. I am now looking for other opportunities now. Right now I am taking things step by step. I am like Morgan Freeman in Shawshank Redemption- however long it takes.

One thing which keeps me going is the idea that there is a better place where someday I will get to live and meet the people who think the same way as me.

Michael Labeit said...

This reminds me of nighttime satellite photos of North Korea that illustrate the darkness that people plunge into when the nation is run by socialist authorities.

Kelly said...

Thank you for saying that, Rajesh. It's particularly powerful coming from someone who's going through life without (or with little) light.

Rajesh said...

Well Kelly, I just hope people will see where America is headed with it's current ideology.

Time has come for America to make a choice between switching off the lights and choosing Nihilism or switching them on and choosing Objectivism.