Wednesday, March 18, 2009

American at heart

I wrote "Living under socialism" a few days back where I had mentioned being an American at heart. Jasmine had posted a comment which I liked so much that I wanted to share with others.

Residing in the U.S. now I can completely relate with your description of "people like me who are American at heart (born in the wrong place)"! That 'Americanism' more fundamentally is actually a sense of life and matches with the Founding Fathers vision of a free country in my understanding. That is what I feel completely at ease with and is the very same sense of life which unites those of us living in different countries and parts of the world I believe. I will unabashedly and proudly say it is our world whatever part of the world we live and not theirs-or as Ayn Rand's novel states -"We The Living"!! A sunlit universe....Having spent 28 formative years in India, I also am constantly inclined to tell people here -don't do this to this great country -do you people understand the path and future you are taking yourselves towards? Ask me (!) I have come from that past and absolutely do not want to go back to that kind of life!

Thank you once again Jasmine.