Sunday, March 15, 2009

Is Rand Relevant?

Yaron Brook's op-ed in the Wall St. Journal. Here is my comment:
Great article Dr. Brook. Ayn Rand's is more relevant today then ever and it is proved by the interest her philosophy is attracting. I live in India where she is very popular. Since most people have seen in the recent past how difficult it is to live and work for productive people in a place where profit was a dirty word, it is very easy for people here to understand what Rand was talking about in the "Atlas Shrugged". The coming out (even partially) out of the socialist pit was like a lifeline for the people and which has bought unprecedented rise in living standards and made heroes and icons out of people like the billionaire Ambani brothers.

It happened because the country went bankrupt and the government had no choice but to loosen the socialist shackles. But if this brush with capitalism is not backed by the backbone of philosophy there is always the risk of reversing the gains made in the recent past.