Sunday, March 15, 2009

The counter-attack against Ayn Rand

Paul Hsieh has posted this on the OActivist.
The too-brief honeymoon that Ayn Rand has enjoyed in the media is now over, and the anti-Rand counterattack is now in full swing. There have been a number of recent high-profile articles disparaging Rand and her ideas, including:
"Ayn Rand is the last role model we need right now" (Independent)
Do their misrepresentations of Rand make you mad? They make me mad.

Damn right they make me mad so in response to the one written in the Independent, I wrote:
I wish you had come to India where I live instead of Cambodia. Most people have seen in the recent past how difficult it is to live and work for productive people in a place where profit was a dirty word, it is very easy for people here to understand what Rand was talking about in the "Atlas Shrugged". The coming out (even partially) out of the socialist pit was like a lifeline for the people and which has bought unprecedented rise in living standards and made heroes and icons out of people like the billionaire Ambani brothers.

It's not about strong trampling the weak instead its rewarding competence and giving freedom to people to pursue there goals and happiness. The example you give of an injured child being ignored was more likely to happen in the socialist past then it is today where there is a thriving media willing to highlight injustices and people are more willing to share there prosperity and help others.I wish that the author of the article was more through in her research and had Ayn Rands views before writing such a piece.

What is it about such a philosophy which advocates rational self-interest and capitalism as its expression- essentially freedom for people to deal with each other without govt. interference- that brings out such misleading and negative comments. Who could have thought that the very idea of free people could scare so many people.


Jasmine said...

Seems you changed your blog layout since I last visited.
A suggestion -it may be best for you to run your actual blog postings in the center column -at present it is running on to the edge of the screen and gets kind of awkward to follow. While at the same time valuable real-estate is getting sitting vacant in the middle of the page.
Just my opinion that I thought I would share.

Rajesh said...

I hope this layout is better? Thanks for the suggestion. Would be foolish not to take advice from a publisher :) So when are you going to start writing on your blog? Do let me know when you do start. I really appreciated your previous comment- it was very inspiring and encouraging. I look forward to more on your blog.

Jasmine said...


It reads lot better now for sure.

As for my blog - just need to push myself to commitment one of these days.