Thursday, March 26, 2009


I had got this beautiful little snake from the farm in a box to show to my nieces and nephew. I was told it was a baby python. While taking it out to feed it I got bitten twice on my hand (I know, very foolish). I assumed I just needed a tetanus shot but the specialist at the hospital knew nothing about snakes. So since we couldn't be fully sure that it was not poisonous I had to get the anti-venom which was through IV so it took 7 hours. They wanted me to put me in ICU but I thought even the anti-venom was a big overkill.

Right now it is the tetanus shot which is bothering me a lot. Other then that the pain is due to the embarrassment. I had at least half a dozen incredulous nurses beside a few doctors in the ER coming and asking how I got bit (not many snake bites in the city and even lesser with captured snakes). My supervisor and workers are going to have a good laugh -and rightly so.