Tuesday, June 16, 2009

American Hero's

Buka: 16 June 1943

"For this single mission by a single aircraft two crewman, Jay Zeamer and Joseph Sarnoski would each receive the Medal of Honor. It was over Buka that pilot Jay Zeamer heard reports from bombardier Sarnoski, and other crewman, that approximately twenty Japanese Zero fighters were taking off and heading their way. Zeamer knew that if they didn't complete their mission someone else would have to be sent out over the dangerous Northern Solomons. He also understood that the lives of many soldiers and Marines depended upon accurate knowledge of conditions at the invasion target. So, Zeamer continued with the mission.

The result was an epic of aerial combat. For forty minutes the lone B-17 fought against overwhelming outs. All but two of the crew were wounded, some seriously. Joseph Sarnoski died at his gun in the nose of the aircraft after shooting down at least two of the Zeros. When "Old 666" returned to Dobodura it was a flying wreck. Jay Zeamer had passed out during the return flight due to loss of blood, as had copilot J.T. Britton. Top turret gunner John Able flew the B-17 home. The pilots returned to consciousness just in time to land the aircraft. Dogfights recreates this incredible battle:"

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