Friday, June 19, 2009

Initiation of force

Andy, my favourite Charlotte Capitalist talks about his call with "Pete Kaliner Last Night" radio show. He raise the point of lack of moral condemnation of the Flint, Michigan policies to buy, tear down and"green over" private property. Even the host is taken aback at this point as Andy is the only person he had heard discussing the moral implications of the issue. It is a sign of the times that violation of property rights in America today is looked at only as a marginal technical issue and not in terms of violation of moral and constitutional rights.

The misuse of force in this context is treated very casually comparing it to pruning of bushes. I call it pruning of individual rights. As Andy says:
And as I noted in my call, as humans when we introduce force into our relationships, we have exceeded the moral boundary of our nature. Human relationships, in order to be moral, must be based upon reason, discussion, persuasion. The only proper use of force is in defense against the initiation of force.
Reason, discussion, persuasion - the key ingredients of a rational, civilized society. Check the post and listen to Andy patiently talk to the radio host and pointing to the principles involved with clarity.