Thursday, June 11, 2009

Fishing Spider Eating Frogs (National Geographic)
One variety has six or eight eyes and a moving retina with which it focuses on the prey. This clip shows one catch a frog, inject the venom, and liquefy the insides. Check this news item from BBC "Fish-eating spider invades Wales" from 2003. The headline is more exciting then the actual news.

Most spiders I deal with are not so interesting. I come across quite a few on the farm. I once discovered a big one sitting on my head while I was driving (no I didn't crash the car, it was flicked out through the window.)


Mad Minerva said...


I hate spiders! The fish-eating one is quite...formidable, but have you seen the bird-eating tarantula? The stuff of nightmares! ;-)

Rajesh said...
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