Sunday, June 28, 2009

New on ARCTV

  1. ObamaCare: Will Dr. Atlas Shrug?
    Yaron Brook discusses the moral roots of socialized medicine, and why a morality of self-interest will lead to better policies. The failure of U.S. policy towards Iran is also examined. (Pajamas TV interview; 19 min.)
  2. The Michael Jackson Effect: Shenanigans in DC & Lockdown in Iran
    Yaron Brook discusses what could happen in the U.S. and in Iran while the news media are distracted by the death of Michael Jackson. (Pajamas TV interview; 8 min.)
  3. What the Tea Party Movement Must Stand For
    Don Watkins explains why it is not enough for the Tea Party protests to be against the latest Washington power grabs–they must also stand for the individual’s right to live for his own sake, and not as a servant of society.