Monday, June 1, 2009

Rhode Island- prostitution allowed indoors

An interesting and a well written story from Providence Journal about a change in law to get prostitutes off the streets. The lawmakers changed the law to make prostitution a misdemeanor crime instead of a felony to speed prosecution in the courts. The unintended effect of the law was that prostitutes were barred from soliciting in public but it could not be applied to the undercover activity taking place indoor.

The story goes on to highlight futile attempts by the police to shut down brothels/massage parlours. The article quotes John C. Revens Jr., a former Senate Majority leader and a lawyer:
“They would never sponsor a bill decriminalizing prostitution if they knew what it was,” Revens said. “No way. Not in a million years.”

I thought the story was very amusing. So finally a place in America which decriminalizes activity between consenting adults, even if it was by mistake.

(via The Volokh Conspiracy)