Sunday, June 28, 2009

Hollywood, Health, Tech, Jackson

  1. Mark Steyn: Jackson, Sanford and weirdness
  2. Vintage Hollywood Photographs from Look At This...
  3. CBO Cost Estimate of Cap & Trade Pulls Out All the Gimmicks from Mises Blog
  4. Acer's Everywhere. How Did That Happen? (NYT) from Techmeme
  5. High Carbohydrate Foods Can Cause Heart Attacks! from Conditioning Research


Mad Minerva said...

Thanks for bringing up the "cap-and-trade" debacle. It is basically a gigantic energy tax, and if I am not mistaken, the BIGGEST TAX in recent memory.

I find it also deeply idiotic that if energy prices skyrocket (and they will), the people will be hurt the most are the poor. Plus, this entire scheme is being undertaken at a time of economic hardship when employment is approaching 10%! This government "plan" is so incredibly stupid that the only the doctrinaire ideological radical statists/leftists could possibly think it's a good thing.

The best comment I've yet heard on this is someone remarking that Obama's policies are having the effect of "shooting the US economy in the face." Too true?

Rajesh said...

It is always the poor who suffer the most where the environment is anti-rich.

Poor here in India are rioting due to the energy crisis, and no solution is in sight (takes hell of a long time to build power-plants).

Obama wants to shut the motor of American economy and he is succeeding by the looks of it.

But we can't give up and I'll quote Ed Cline again (have done so in another comment):
Objectivists are the new Sons of Liberty, who must keep on arguing, talking, writing, and protesting, to get as many people on our side as possible.