Sunday, May 24, 2009

Mainstream Press Treachery

Canada Free Press has this article about the treachery of American mainstream press. It raises some important points about the lack of balanced reporting. The press in America totally veers towards the leftist view point with no pretense of fair reporting. It says:

Honest unbiased reporting in the American news room has been so absent for so long that most Americans now seek information elsewhere. Americans no longer trust the free press to be their eyes and ears, to keep them abreast of the facts needed to make intelligent decisions about daily life or politics. Sadly, at this moment in history, even Russia has a more reliable free press than America. If Americans don’t read foreign news sources, they have no clue what is going on in their own country, much less the world.

It also mentions some very important stories like the one where US Federal Reserve Inspector General Elizabeth Coleman stated brazenly before the US Congress that she has “no idea” where $9 Trillion of US taxpayer has gone, or who got it (see the video here).

The story is equally applicable to the mainstream world press. Here in India I would not know a thing if I got my news from the press. I get 90% of my news from the Internet. The mainstream media here is completely leftist/anti-capitalist with stories on ever thing from evils of plastic bags to the pollution from industries. The business channels have no interest in questioning the polices of the government. There are no opposing viewpoints presented. At least in U.S. CNBC had the token Peter Schiff (see him predict the recession) to present the other side even though they thought he was a joke.


JG said...

The roots of a non-objective press & media are far deeper than any explanation of "leftist-bias". Or else how would one explain an entire news industry (there are some rare exceptions) that prints news and information that is of less use and worth less than the paper it is printed on - and all this in a country where the press is supposed to be Free? But is it Free is the question that needs examination?
The brilliant genius of Ayn Rand has shed light on this disturbing phenomenon in some excellent articles -The Objectivist Newsletter, March 1962, Check Your Premises "Have Gun, Will Nudge" and July, 1963, Check Your Premises "Vast Quicksands".

As an example of how the media in its altruistic frenzy does not wait but rather enslaves itself, here is what my local newspaper "The News & Observer" prints daily on its editorial page as a matter perhaps of ethical policy(?):
'The Old Reliable'
"I advise and enjoin those who direct the paper in the tomorrows never to advocate any cause for personal profit or preferment. I would wish it always to be 'the tocsin' and to devote itself to the policies of equality and justice to the underpriviledged. If the paper should at anytime be the voice of self-interest or become the spokesman of privilege or selfishness it would be untrue to its history." -Josephius Daniels (1894-1948)

To give some context and perspective this happens to be the only newspaper in and around what happens to be the Capital of the state of and the parent company of this newspaper is fairly large sized owning a total of 18 newspapers all over the country.

Rajesh said...

I guess the media today is free to choose the direction they want. The irony is that there support for statist government will lead to their demise first.

I have not read the Rand articles you have mentioned.

As for the what your newspaper quoting that idiot, let me tell you about mine. The "Times of India" is owned by the Jain family. They regularly feature anti-industry, pro-environment and anti-consumption articles. What most people don't know is that they are billionaires and have benefited the most from the economic boom.

When Forbes was making it's list of richest Indians, these guys took a court order against Forbes and prevented them from reporting their financial details. Sounds familiar?