Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Movie Review: "Star Trek"

Mad Minerva 2.0: Movie Review: "Star Trek" (minimal spoilers version):
A wonderful review of the current installment of the Star Trek franchise from MM. Here's a brief sample:

I'll say that the flick has almost continuously breakneck pacing -- this thing MOVES in nimble bursts of energy that defies the overworked ponderousness of the franchise's worst moments. Abrams basically plows through the story with the confident aplomb of Patton charging through France. The sets are bright and crisp, the special effects lavish and eye-popping without becoming self-parodying, the sense of immediacy energizing without being oppressive.

A lot of professional reviewers could take a lesson from MM. I enjoyed the review thoroughly and even if I wasn't a fan of the series, I would still go and watch the movie. MM plows through the review with the confident aplomb of Patton talking to his troops (silly, but could not resist it).