Monday, May 11, 2009

Teen composes symphonic work, hones acting skills

Teen composes symphonic work, hones acting skills -- Standouts - "Gaby's "Symphony No. 1," tells the story of a despondent inventor whose innovations are tangled in the red tape of bureaucracy. He wanders the town searching for inspiration and eventually finds it in a factory, where molten metal is poured, cooled and stamped - a hopeful sign that industry will prevail despite hardship.

Gaby says it's the story of her rust belt hometown and a response to the ideas of 20th-century philosopher Ayn Rand. "


LB said...

Wow! Thanks for posting on this, it's incredible. I'd love to hear the piece.

Rajesh said...

I would love to hear it too. This story reminded me of the days (rather nights) at my fathers factory.
Cast iron story and other less fond memories are from Living under Socialism.