Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Movie Review Preview: the Cine-Sib on "Star Trek" Context

Mad Minerva 2.0: Movie Review Preview: the Cine-Sib on "Star Trek" Context: "Fantastic article about the movie and about the Star Trek series from MM and kin. Bookmark MM 2.0 for regular supply of the some really smart and fun writing. MM is mad, bad, quirky, and a regular dose of her humor will increase your life-span. Do read her other blog Mad Minerva Satires for satires and humorous posts. The latest on MM Satires is Department of Homeland Security Issues "No Read List". My personal favourite is Cunning Government Plan Revealed: Stimulus Bill to Lay Foundation for New Clean Power Plants.


Mad Minerva said...

Thanks for the link!

By the way, all original series Star Trek episodes are online here:

Live long and prosper, Rajesh!