Saturday, May 23, 2009

North Korea- seeing misery with Google Earth

This article in WSJ talks about people like Curtis Melvin, a doctoral candidate at George Mason University in suburban Virginia who use Google Earth to draw a more clear picture of North Korea. It is the most closed, oppressive societies in the world. Check my blog post "Unearthly Earth hour" where in a NASA picture full of night lights, North Korea is one of the dark spots. Well! now there are a bunch of dedicated people throwing light on this dark spot of humanity. It is heartening to see though that common people have not given up on it. How many generations of these poor people will be lost before mankind decides enough is enough.

After the Iraq debacle there is very little hope that this sad, wretched country will be rescued anytime soon. It is doomed to stay in it's dictators clutches for a long time. It is the ultimate symbol of fully controlled society yet we have people in U.S. clamoring for more government control. They are like lost kids bawling for an adult to come and take charge. Grow up people, before your playpen turns into a gulag.