Thursday, May 7, 2009

Miracle at Philadelphia: QOTD 1

Titanic Deck Chairs: Miracle at Philadelphia: QOTD 1: "I am reading 'Miracle At Philadelphia: The Story of the Constitutional Convention May - September 1787' by Catherine Drinker Bowen, and it's chock full of very interesting quotes and anecdotes about a momentous time in human history and progress. I plan to post some of these quotes of the day (QOTD) as I go through the book...
In the quotation above, Bowen remarked on the "very fury of concern for the country" held by Madison, Washington, Jefferson and others. While concern for the country was certainly a part of it, I prefer to think of it as a fury of concern for truth, justice, and liberty; a concern for ideas, as both moral and practical, a vision for the world as it ought to be and would be.
[H]e "had learned the inmost secret of the brave, who train themselves to contemplate in mind the worst that can happen and in thought resign themselves -- but in action resign themselves never."

I get chills reading that. I'm going to like reading this book, I think. I hope you'll enjoy the passages I quote." Read the full article.

I too got chills reading that. Inspiring words for all of us who share the same concern for truth, justice, and liberty.